A Kid Again

5 May

The other night I went to the BMA Film Night to support as always but more specifically to watch Life Cycles.   Finally a film that had combined gorgeous cinematography with thoughtful writing, and of course bad ass riding.   The film got me thinking.

It made me think back to a time when my relationship first started with the bike.  It was my first taste of freedom and speed.  The bike soon became an extension of my everyday being.  Building plywood jumps, bike dodgeball, crash up derby, handlebar riding, who’s bike is faster, riding to get candy, attempting the impossible no handed jump, motorcycle noises, and riding  to meet for my first kiss.   I remember building my bikes with my Dad, hanging the frame by a rope from a tree, picking out the right color spray paint at the store, and enjoying the process of building my very own custom machine. –rarely did I ever ride a store-bought bike.

Yes, thats me on the left...I know, full on tomboy. But you know i had fun!

The love for two wheels is so pure and deep that it still, to this day has a lot to do with my everyday events.

i did start on three wheels...ready to race.

I have been given a gift to be able to race my bike, and I love the challenge.  BUT, as I get older I realize that racing is just a means to further express myself on the bike, through advocacy, adventures, and adult fun.  Every time I get on the bike I feel a rush come over me and I’m that kid again.

It’s weird to think that a material object can shape your life.  Right? But this one has and I am so thankful for it.  It brings me  nature, health, and amazing friendship adventures.

Thank you Life Cycles for bringing this back to me through your film.  And thanks bicycle inventor guy, Ernest Michaux, you rocked my world. Oh and thanks Dad, for building and encouraging my life on the bike, you for sure rock too! 


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