What? You’ve never had a coach, trained with a heart rate monitor or power tap?

14 Jul

Yes, well that’s me.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve trained hard, tried to have some sort of schedule, and have paid attention to training methods.  BUT, I’ve never wanted to get so technical that I forget why I’m doing it in the first place….enjoyment.  Being an athlete, I feel pretty in touch with my body and so that’s what I listen to.  It’s worked for 17 years so far in my cycling career.

Racing the local Wednesday short track

This season, I have finally decided to give it a go…the coaching thing.  When FasCat Coaching Center opened in Boulder last year I took note, asked around, and heard great things.  I stopped in the center and had a chat with head cat and coach, Frank Overton.  He was excited to hear about what I had accomplished in my career with no coaching.  His eyes widened and he talked with me about future potential with a structured program.  It was an exciting prospect but I do have to admit I was scared to lose my sense of training freedom on the bike, and possible time with the family.   I know any coach would want me to ride a lot more than I have been over the years.  Lately, I generally do enough to get by and then race myself into shape.  THIS, is the Mom program, get it in while you can.

So in June I started with Frank.  He printed out my months calendar and told me to put it on the fridge….for everyone to see, this is what Mommy has to do this month.  The month started kind of slow as I had a few Stand-Up Paddleboard competitions and an injury from one of them… soft tissue damage to the quad and bone bruise on the femur, not great for a cyclist.  I also had a hard time adjusting to following a regimented schedule.

July has come around and coach says this is the month to start focusing, no more messing around.  So I ditched the idea of anymore SUP comps and have started following my workouts religiously.  I will have my first lactate threshold test next week and am so curious as to how this body works.

Wow, I am working harder on the bike in the month of July than I ever have.  I just  joined the Vitamin Cottage, Natural Grocers Road Team and did my second criterium race of the season.  I fared well, 8th place and a prime win.  I have a few more crits, two or three road stage races, and the Fascat Cyclocross Training Camp with Jeremy Powers in the next two months.  If those don’t do it, nothing will.

The North Boulder Crit last weekend, in my new Vitamin Cottage kit.

It feels good knowing that I am doing all I can to have a successful second season on the National Cyclocross scene, I want to keep this ball rolling.  After all, I’m not getting any younger and I’d like to end my cycling career with a bang!  I have my sights set on Cross Vegas, the opening event of the season and I want to roll in, sparkling with speed.   And yes, I’m finally using a heart rate monitor….power meter, to be determined….

Stay tuned for next months training confessional to see if this coaching thing really does work!


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