Daily Pennance

26 Jan

So here’s to the last week of looking at a training schedule for 5 months.  Every week for the last eight months I have looked to my Google calendar sent by my Fascat coach, Frank Overton for guidance as to what to do with these legs on the bike.  There were certainly days that I wanted to ignore the calendar and honestly there were days when I did.  Sorry Frank.  For the most part I regarded it as my religion, my daily pennance.  If the workout didn’t feel right I would just call Frank and we would discuss and come up with a new plan.  If I wasn’t feeling motivated again I would call Frank and he would inflate me just enough to either get me out on the road or get me in the training center.  Being able to do a workout at Fascat ended up being a Godsend as the days got colder, the snow got deeper, and sometimes I just needed someone to hold me accountable.

Lactate testing with the head Cat, Frank.

These are the three things that helped me the most in having a coach.

#1 The support and motivation given when you need it most.  Coach is just a phone call away willing and ready to tell you what you need to hear to keep the ball rolling.  Someone that has your best cycling interest in mind is always there for you, and if your coach isn’t around there is always another Fascat coach willing and able to step in and help.  It’s a team effort.

#2  Resources!  Lactate Threshold Testing, Oxygen training, Space Legs, Motor-pacing, Indoor training classes, Physical Therapy,  someone looking over your shoulder telling you to harden the f*@k up.

#3 The actual training program, the varied and new workouts, specifics when needed, preparation for specific races, building, tapering, power feedback, etc.

My season had its ebbs and flows as every season does, but I stayed more consistent.  I discovered workouts with my coach that addressed my weaknesses towards the middle of the season and changed how my body reacted to these adverse conditions.  I would have never done so many interval workouts in a row and would have never gotten so concentrated and specific.   After I got used to it, I found solace in these workouts and looked forward to them as they helped pass the time quickly on the trainer.  I also knew how much they were improving my fitness as some of my better races towards the end of the season didn’t quit feel so gut wrenching.

The point is, in my 17 years of racing bikes I had never had a coach.  I wasn’t sure I really needed one.  After this experience I now know that if I want to be my best, I do.  Me, myself, is not enough.  Everyone needs support, someone to back them, reassurance, a different perspective.

I want to thank Frank (my main man always with the plan and a pat on the back),  Jason (the best motor-pacer any girl could ask for),  Jon (your ear was always there to bend and you kept the oxygen flowing),  Peter (always a smile and a word of encouragement),   Ann for fixing my boo-boos,  and Alison for your welcoming, encouraging, and beaming smile.


One Response to “Daily Pennance”

  1. Larry Levesque March 24, 2012 at 2:55 am #

    It is great to see how well your doing! I know I have not seen you in 15 years or so but I enjoyed watching you in the US cycle cross.

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