Join me at the Boulder Reservoir for SUP fitness classes and lessons.

Tuesday evening fitness class is for the SUPer who already has some knowledge on the board.  We start with a quick brush up on strokes, turns and stance.  Then we turn it up with some exercises and core balancing movements on the board, mix in some relays, paddling exercises, and fun.   We meet at Dream Cove at the Rez, 6pm.  Bring water and your gear if you have it.   If you don’t, RSVP and we will have a C4 Board, Paddle, and PFD ready and waiting for you. The class is an hour and a half.      $10, if you have your own equipment.  20$ if you need our equipment.  RSVP with me via email

Also, reserve me for your corporate training, team building days.

The Stand-Up board is a great way to bond as a team.  Bring your team out for fun in the sun while experiencing  team building exercises such as relays, cooperative balancing, and the ability to learn a new sport together.  Drinks and snacks provided.  The exercise will last 2 hours including some free time on the board, but the fun can continue all day at Dream Cove.  Groups are limited to 10 people at a time but larger groups can be split into two or three sessions consecutively.

Boardworks boards , paddles, PFD’s, snacks and drinks provided.  cost,  $375  per 10 person session


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